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✧ Cosmic Flow ✧
Breathwork & Dance Journey
(Salt Spring Island)

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Date & Time:

Friday, June 30th

7:00pm - 9:30pm

Investment: $25

Location: The Space - 320A Upper Ganges Road

Cancer season has arrived, and it's time to move into the watery depths of this nurturing energy to release stored emotions, and give ourselves some much needed love and self-care. 

You are invited to join this immersive in-person event as we flow through a cosmic journey of breathwork and dance to connect with and embody the Cancerian energies. 

This is a conscious breath & dance experience. You will be supported and lightly guided through the journey, but ultimately this is a chance for you to tune in with your own body and move however your body wants to move.

Anyone 18+ is welcome to join!

Cancer is the fourth sign of the zodiac, and the first of the water signs.

Ruled by the moon, this feminine energy is deeply nurturing, intuitive, sensitive, compassionate, loving & goofy, among many other qualities. 
Cancerian energy allows us to slow down, connect inwards, attune to our environment, and reflect, after an intellectually stimulating and outgoing Gemini Season. 


We will start with an opening circle, feeling into the current energies, and going over the breathwork layout.

The style of breathwork I facilitate is an ancient 2 step breathing technique - belly, chest, exhale - in and out through the mouth.
(For more information, please visit the 'breathwork' tab on this site). 

The breathwork will take place over approximately 40 mins, we will then journey into the conscious dance experience to move, release and ground some of the energy awakened in the breathwork, before ending with a closing circle. 
Please allow 2.5 hours for the full experience.

If you need to leave early, please discuss with me prior to the event. 


I aim to create a safe and nurturing environment.

All emotions, sensations and sounds are welcome.

This will be an intimate experience of 8 people max.

Please sign up to secure your spot!

We will breathe and dance to explore our emotional landscape, release whatever needs to be loved and let go of, nurture our bodies, and nourish our beings with the support and strength of our breath, bodies, Gaia, the cosmos, and our own intuitive guidance. 

Breathe & Dance to:


✦ Let go of limitations

✦ Embody your truth 

✦ Release stagnant energy

✦ Connect with your breath

✦ Explore your emotions

✦ Gain more confidence

✦ Embrace your wild side

✦ Strengthen your intuition 

✦ Get in touch with your sensuality

✦ Connect with your body & your own internal wisdom

✦ Connect with universal life force energy

✦ Immerse in conscious community 

✦ Feel vibrant, empowered, & rejuvenated


You will receive an email confirmation after you sign up. This will include preparation details for the event.

If you have any questions, feel free to email me:


I look forward to dancing with you and creating magic together! ✨

About the host:

Hayley is a certified Breathwork & Conscious Dance Facilitator, Soul Purpose Guide, Filmmaker, Actor, and a lover of animals, nature & play. 

She is very passionate about expressive arts as a form of healing, joy & transformation.


Astrology + Human Design are areas of study in which she continues to explore and incorporate into her offerings to support others in moving through the collective energies we are currently experiencing. 

Her purpose is to support souls to embody their truth through creative expression, movement medicine & connection.



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