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Date & Time:

Saturday, April 30th

6:00pm - 8:00pm

Cost: $15 - $30

* 2 free spots for volunteers *

Location: The Wellness Centre

💜You are invited to join us for a night of Ecstatic Dance and Art Creation with diverse colour props and movement.

💙This session is part of a series where we are exploring how our movement can create collective compositions through the use of colourful props during ecstatic dance sessions.


6:00 - Welcoming Circle

6:05 - Short Guided Breathwork

6:10 - Canvas Preparation

6:30 - Ecstatic Dance Session

7:50 - Closing Circle

💛Dress code:

 - Black and white clothing (ideally both) 


 - Colorful props:

    *Feathered Boas






🧡Some props will be provided, yet we encourage everyone to bring some pieces that add to the collective piece.

❤️️Please ask for our 2 free spaces for volunteers or for a reduced fee in case you need it.

🖤All dance levels, skills and movement capabilities are welcome and very valuable.

Click below to sign up for the event! While we will accept walk-ins on the day, registration is preferred as it helps us to keep track of numbers for the space. 

If you have any questions, feel free to email either of us.




We look forward to exploring the rainbow & dancing with you! 

With love, 

Pablo & Hayley

About the hosts:









Pablo is a Mexican Dancer and Choreographer, passionate about the potential of free flow choreographies through the emergence of patterns during ecstatic dance.


With a strong background in Latin Rhythms he has experienced the healing potential of witnessing and being witnessed in dance.


His goal is to awaken the dancer in those who have forgotten how to dance and the performer in those who haven't realized that the endless capacity to create inspiration resides in everyone of us.











Hayley is a Breathwork & Conscious Dance Facilitator, a Soul Purpose & Spiritual Life Coach, and a lover of animals, nature & play. 

She is very passionate about expressive arts as a form of healing, joy & transformation.

Her purpose is to support souls to embody their truth through creative expression, movement medicine & connection.

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