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Flow Breathwork

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Hayley's breathwork session literally changed my life.
I knew that I needed a restart to my heart (emotional) and my life, and Hayley's online breathwork did exactly that including creating so much instant personal relaxation and clarity. Highly recommended for anybody wanting a more authentic version of themselves!

- Matthew Learning
Peak States Therapist and Coach
This was my first experience with breathwork and I was blown away by how intimate and special the experience was. I felt more present than I ever have before.
The session allowed me to express and let go of my anxieties and negative beliefs. Hayley was so supportive throughout the entire process and I felt very comfortable right from the start!

- Mya Lowe
What an AMAZING experience being with Hayley for a breathwork session!!! She created a safe, open environment where I was able to relax and explore exactly what was needed in the moment. Her unique ability to intuit the music, the card reading, and encouragement I needed was on point and I loved the overall experience 100%. So happy to have connected with her!!!

- Kyle Moss
Joyful Mindset Coach
My session with Hayley was a breath of fresh air! I didn’t know what to expect because I am new to breathwork but soon realized that I was in very capable hands. She guided me through the practice gently and methodically. I felt like I was opening up from within and connecting to a higher power. I found myself feeling present in the here and now even days after!

- Kaplia R


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75 Min Private Session
$70 (USD)

3 Session Discount
3 x $60 ($30 Off)

6 Session Discount
6 x $50 ($120 Off)

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