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Guiding you to feel, express and embody
your most vibrant self. 

Hayley Flinn | Vibrant Embodiment
Hayley Flinn | Vibrant Embodiment

Welcome, vibrant soul ✧

I'm Hayley Flinn 

Artist · Embodiment Guide · Filmmaker

I believe we are all vibrant at our core.

We have so much light within us to express out to the world.

The reality is, many people live their whole lives with their light dimmed way too low. They feel disconnected from their bodies, anxious, depressed, and overwhelmed by distractions & stress.

I know what it’s like, and if you feel this way, please know

you are not alone.

In order to embody and express our light, we need to be brave enough to delve within. 

I guide people through embodiment journeys to help them release tension & stored emotions, connect with their own inner wisdom and feel more confident, vibrant and alive.

You deserve to live a fully expressed life!


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Breathwork refers to any type of breathing exercises or techniques.

People often perform them to improve mental, physical and spiritual well-being.

During breathwork you intentionally change your breathing pattern.

Breathwork has many benefits including mood elevation, stress reduction, immunity boost, mental clarity and so much more.

Conscious Dance

Dance has been a form of healing among humanity for thousands of years.

There are many different cultures & traditions around the world who practice conscious dance as a way to deeply connect to the unity of creation.

Conscious Dance is an expression of who we are, a remembering of our own innate wisdom and a celebration of life itself!

Soul Guidance

Soul Guidance Sessions are an expansive experience in which you and I will delve into and explore the big reason why you're here. Each of us have unique talents, challenges, obstacles, skills and life experiences that are all in some way connected to our souls purpose. I am here to support you in this journey of discovering what that is for you, while also providing you practical and spiritual guidance and tools throughout your journey.


Such a calming and present energy. The way Hayley holds space during breathwork and ecstatic dance allows for deep release and healing to occur. Not only was I held energetically and physically but emotionally, while also having my own space to feel and process. Truly a gifted healer, I recommend Hayley to anyone looking to release old patterns and to more fully embody their soul purpose.

Emily Popp.jpg

Emily Popp
Herbalist & Nutritionist

Hayley's breathwork session literally changed my life. I knew that I needed a restart to my heart (emotional) and my life, and Hayley's online breathwork did exactly that including creating so much instant personal relaxation and clarity. Highly recommended for anybody wanting a more authentic version of themselves!


  Matthew Learning

Peak States Therapist and Coach

This was my first experience with breathwork and I was blown away by how intimate and special the experience was. I felt more present than I ever have before. The session allowed me to express and let go of my anxieties and negative beliefs.
Hayley was so supportive throughout the entire process and I felt very comfortable right from the start!


Mya Lowe

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Hayley Flinn | Vibrant Embodiment

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